Canoe Rowing Kit


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The Spring Creek canoe rowing kit is made with anodized aluminum. The “u” shape extend the oars pivot, giving you more power to control with increased stability. One person can easily keep up with two paddlers! The canoe rowing kit easily attaches to any canoe with the included gunwale clamps. Absolutely no drilling necessary.

The canoe rowing kit includes the Universal Receiver, Rowing Outriggers with small clamps and rowing bushings, drop-in seat, and 2 oars.

Universal Receiver Sizing

The Universal Receiver is made in different lengths to fit all canoes and kayaks. Standard sizes are 30″, 36″, 40″ and 45″. To size your canoe for a UR, first, measure your canoe at it’s widest point. Measuring the widest point gives you the option to place the UR anywhere on your canoe that is comfortable. Most canoe gunwales have inside lips for clamping, meaning your clamps will be on the inside of the canoe. However, some canoe gunwales have outside lips, and in this case your clamps will clamp to the outside of your canoe. If this is your circumstance, please go up one UR size when ordering.

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