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Canoe Stabilizer Complete Package


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If you’re looking for increased stability or some extra safety while out on the water, a canoe stabilizer is what you need. Our canoe outrigger is easy to use, universal, and will give you the comfort and reliability that you’re looking for. Extendible up to 20″ in each direction, you’ll get the width that you need, and you’ll be pleased with the ease of use and simplistic design that all comes together to make the best canoe stabilizer on the market.

Brand: Spring Creek Manufacturing



5 Pounds Each


37in x 6in


27 Pounds Each


Durable Polyethylene Plastic



7lbs – 8.5lbs


36in to 45in


Up to 20in in Each Direction


Strong Aluminum


1 Universal Receiver

2 Canoe Stabilizer Floats

2 Telescoping Arms

1 Set of Clamps


The Universal Receiver is made in different lengths to fit all canoes and kayaks. Standard sizes are 30″, 36″, 40″ and 45″. To size your canoe for a UR, first, measure your canoe at it’s widest point. Measuring the widest point gives you the option to place the UR anywhere on your canoe that is comfortable. Most canoe gunwales have inside lips for clamping, meaning your clamps will be on the inside of the canoe. However, some canoe gunwales have outside lips, and in this case your clamps will clamp to the outside of your canoe. If this is your circumstance, please go up one UR size when ordering.


To create a comfortable ride, a lot of canoeing enthusiasts will tell you that a canoe stabilizer or canoe outrigger is a great idea, and you should definitely listen to them! Using lightweight but durable plastic for the floats, the Spring Creek Stabilizing Floats will give you the support and comfort you need while out on the water.

When the moment comes for you to use this stabilizer (also known as canoe outrigger,) ease of use, the right look and feel, and of course their effectiveness in the water all come together to give you an unbelievable experience. That’s what you’ll find with this premium canoe stabilizer package by Spring Creek Manufacturing. The telescoping arms can be extended up to 20″ in each direction. This Canoe Stabilizer Kit is made in USA, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Canoe Stabilizer Complete Package

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113 reviews for Canoe Stabilizer Complete Package

  1. Tommy

    My son loves the canoe stabilizer and i had a fun time installing it with him.

  2. Ambrose Ponce

    I can’t wait to go fishing with this thing. It should make casting much safer.

  3. Yvette Costa

    I’m looking forward to using the canoe outrigger a lot more this summer!

  4. Abe Moore

    Thank you!

  5. Eric Underwood

    Free shipping was great as it saved me about $40 from other sites.

  6. Ellsworth Hernandez

    Superb quality.

  7. Gregory Meyers

    You can tell that this set is Made in USA. Gliding through the water is super easy and it must be nearly impossible to tip over.

  8. Glenda Goodwin

    The free shipping was helpful and this was the best price online.

  9. Marisa Sims

    Thanks Abe for your advice. I bought the set for Christmas and now just getting around to leave a 5 STAR REVIEW!!

  10. snixon04

    I took the stabilizer package to Canada so I could navigate rough water and fish by myself with fewer worries. I couldn’t be happier with the way they performed. I would definitely buy these again!

  11. Shaun Prince

    Love the ease of use for moving the floats up and down, as well as side to side.

  12. Terrence Estes

    Made in America!

  13. Chris Levy

    I purchased yellow floats to match my canoe and they look great!

  14. Waylon Silva

    Good quality!

  15. Chuck Taylor

    Fishing is a breeze now. I can paddle out with the floats up, and then when I begin to cast, I can put the floats down. Super easy and helpful.

  16. Richard Luna

    Awesome stabilizer set! I’m looking forward to using the kit.

  17. Reyes Ramos

    My dad bought this as a gift and even installed it for me. It looks great and the quality seems good too.

  18. Raleigh Holder

    I spoke with Abe and he was extremely genuine and wasn’t pushy at all. He helped me find the right size receiver and helped me place my order. Thanks Abe!

  19. Pat Colon

    I’m glad I was able to support you guys instead of buying from Amazon. This isn’t cheap but you get what you pay for.

  20. Wendell Lucero

    I would have loved to buy different colored floats (like blue) but the red ones look great too.

  21. Edwin Bailey


  22. Asa Mays

    Not tipping over anymore!!

  23. Gaston Mendez

    Works great.

  24. Minh Hanna

    I had to pay for shipping since I’m not in USA, but the canoe stabilizer is great!

  25. Alton Novak

    Makes canoeing much safer for the entire family!

  26. Kasey Rodriguez

    2 big thumbs up! Plus another 2 from my husband!

  27. Victor Austin

    I can see why this is the #1 canoe stabilizer online. I couldn’t find a better one. There are some that are cheaper, but no way they are as effective as this stabilizer set.

  28. Lucio Pham

    Canoeing is a hobby of mine and this makes it a lot more enjoyable!

  29. Louisa Petersen

    This makes fishing from the canoe much easier.

  30. Eddie Gilbert

    I purchased for my mom and she said she really likes it.

  31. Darius Hardy

    You get what you pay for. It’s a little more expensive than I wanted to spend, but it looks really cool and it’s buit like a tank.

  32. Rusty Mosley

    I always support Made in USA products. This is another keeper that I’m telling my buddies about.

  33. Alfred Savage

    Very nice!!!

  34. August Rodgers

    Hell yeah!

  35. Lane Watson

    My grandparents stopped wanting to go out on the canoe, but after buying this, they are much more willing to be out on the water. I wish I had seen this 5 years ago.

  36. Catalina Arroyo

    Good stabilizer set.

  37. Dawn Townsend


  38. Darnell Andrade


  39. Rodger Sanders

    Canoeing is my favorite thing to do because it’s so peaceful. I’m so comfortable with this product now that I feel like I could fall asleep in the canoe. Don’t though!

  40. Helena York

    I originally wanted to buy this canoe outrigger in 2018, but unfortunately didn’t make it out on the water as much as I wanted to. Buying this has given me the motivation to canoe more! Thanks.

  41. Gary Whitaker

    I’m an avid fisherman who loves to canoe recreationally. This canoe stabilizer has allowed me to merge my two favorite passions!

  42. Scottie Curry

    Two big thumbs up.

  43. Cynthia Zavala

    Summer is right around the corner and my family wanted to be ready to hit the rivers. We’re all looking forward to hitting the rapids.

  44. Sharlene Potter

    I purchased a blow-up float set “elsewhere” and it sucked. That was a waste of money. I should have just purchased this set from the beginning.

  45. Randall Ryan

    Free shipping was good. Overall, the price was expensive but it looks like everything will last a very long time.

  46. Reggie Robertson

    Best canoe outrigger online.

  47. Granville Hobbs

    I bought myself an early birthday present and can’t wait to use when it gets a little warmer.

  48. Lyle Mcpherson

    This canoe outrigger is fantastic. There were no instructions but installation wasn’t very difficult. Do yourself a favor if you have two canoes: buy a second set!

  49. Marquis Ford

    My friends and I are getting a little old to worry about falling into the water, so we bought a few of these stabilizer sets and no longer need to be afraid of tipping over.

  50. Samuel Frazier

    I’ve received a lot of looks from boats passing on by, and everyone loves the set.

  51. Raleigh Pruitt

    I finally got around to leaving a review, but if anyone is on the fence, don’t wait any longer! This outrigger set is awesome!

  52. Milford Walker

    I thought about making my own stabilizer set but I’m glad I went this route instead.

  53. Tonia Reese

    My husband hasn’t installed the outrigger yet (It’s January!) but it’s a beautiful product.

  54. Gayle Scott

    Five stars.

  55. Charles Hebert

    Aluminum is super strong and durable and the floats are great quality too.

  56. Dante Gay

    J received this stabilizer as a gift and had my dad install it. I like how easy it is to move the floats up and down when necessary.

  57. Alex Horne

    Great canoe outrigger.

  58. Freeman Ortega

    It’s not cheap but it’s worth every penny!

  59. Demetrius Campbell

    Very good!

  60. Cyril Butler

    Abe really helped guide me through the purchase. He told me how to accurately size the receiver and then emailed me afterwards and thanked me for my business. He’s a class act!!

  61. Lewis Henry

    The spouse bought this for me for my birthday, but secretly, I think she bought it for herself. We really like the red floats.

  62. Sandy Cuevas

    Awesome value.

  63. Zane Moody

    I was skeptical about the value in this canoe outrigger, but it’s a good value.

  64. Yvonne Montoya

    One of my favorite things to do is go canoeing in the fall, but the idea of tipping over in October water makes me nervous! But having this stabilizer for my canoe helps with my fear!

  65. Debra Hooper

    After speaking to Abe, he helped me understand which size that I needed. I just received the stabilizer in the mail and couldn’t wait to install. I’ll update the review after I test it out on the lake and in the river.

  66. Johnie Small

    I bought two different canoe stabilizers for my family, and they all love them. Going out on the lake isn’t scary anymore.

  67. Hung Mayo

    I wish shipping was faster, but can’t complain about free shipping!

  68. Darrin Lindsey

    The color I wanted was briefly out of stock, so I ended up buying the red instead of grey. Ultimately, I’m glad I went with the red! It’s beautiful.

  69. Lewis Willis

    Order went through super easy.

  70. Antony Rubio

    Abe was super helpful. Give that guy a raise!

  71. Lawrence Shaffer

    Installation was super easy, and I love that it’s easy to move from one canoe to another. I can’t wait to buy other supplies.

  72. Johnnie Krueger

    Great stabilizer.

  73. Leila Nichols

    Love it!

  74. Pat Morrow

    5 stars for the canoe stabilizer. 5 stars for the free shipping!

  75. Lowell Gates

    My wife began to complain about the instability of the canoe. I don’t get it. But she found this canoe stabilizer and wanted to buy it. It’s clearly a great product and it eases her mind. Thanks!

  76. Ali Cooley

    This stabilizer is even better than I imagined. You can really tell the quality with it being Made in USA.

  77. Reggie Kelley

    Abe was great to deal with and he helped me to choose the right receiver length. Thanks Abe!

  78. Justin Marshall

    I hate that I waited as long as I did to buy, but glad I finally pulled the trigger.

  79. Dale Odom


  80. Shanna Richardson

    I needed something that would allow me to fish from my canoe without fear of tipping over – this was it! Thanks so much!

  81. Justine Clark

    I wish instructions would have been included, but overall, installation wasn’t difficult using some common sense.

  82. Dominique Yoder

    I bought this canoe stabilizer package for my upcoming spring canoeing trip, and can’t wait to use it. Will report back after testing it out.

  83. Anton Day

    I should have pulled the trigger sooner, but I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer. I like the color options, and personally chose red to match my canoe. It looks great and I’ve received a lot of questions from nearby canoers.

  84. Viola Mcmahon


  85. Harland Wilkinson

    This set is much better than what you find on Amazon, but definitely not cheap. It took me a bit to figure out the install, but wasn’t too bad.

  86. Brooks Knox

    I bought this set as a gift for my sister, and she says the package is great.

  87. Maxwell Lynn

    You can find this stabilizer elsewhere online, but it’s more expensive and doesn’t have free shipping. A great value!

  88. Fritz Wallace

    You can’t beat Made in America. Works great.

  89. Bernie Richmond

    I wish it was a little cheaper, but the build quality is fantastic.

  90. Terrell York

    5 Stars! Wish I would have found this site faster, but I’m loving the stability out on the river.

  91. Hiram Pope

    Received the stabilizer as a gift and husband even installed it. I can’t wait to use more often.

  92. Marsha Hayes

    What a great christmas gift! Haven’t used the stabilizer yet, but I can already tell it’ll be great based on the quality.

  93. Kendrick Heath

    I had some questions about my type of canoe, and Abe was extremely helpful in showing me the right sizing. I received the stabilizer last week and it’s unbelievable. I wish my wife and I had purchased sooner. Thanks Abe!

  94. Stephen Garza

    Better than I could have imagined. It’s very good craftsmanship!

  95. Ester Lozano

    Fast free shipping, and easy to setup.

  96. Sammie Hunt

    These guys were the cheapest price, and everything looks great.

  97. Meghan Woodard

    Great customer service. Abe was great to work with and he helped answer questions before purchase.

  98. King Cannon

    Unbelievable quality. Can’t wait to use it more often.

  99. Herschel Ibarra

    5 Stars! Took some time to get it installed on the old canoe but once installed, it’s perfect.

  100. Bernadette Solis

    Absolitely love the canoe stabilizer.

  101. Douglas Archer

    Free shipping and love the quality. Great set! Thanks!

  102. Teresa Mewha

    Bought a canoe stabilizer for my dad and he loves it. I set it up for him and it was super easy. Now we can go out as a family without worrying about tipping over.

  103. Lynett Mugford

    Works great. easy to setup.

  104. Kittie Votier

    Great canoe stabilizer. Glad I purchased from this over the others. Free shipping was nice.

  105. David Wells

    Works great!

  106. Traviss Fulton

    Thanks for the free shipping! This package was easy to install and works great.

  107. Mark Meisel

    Just what I was looking for. It took me awhile to find the perfect canoe stabilizer, but I’m glad I found your site and your stabilizer. Thanks!

  108. Steve Haversack

    Awesome! This was so much easier to setup than I thought, and everything works great. Thanks for the free shipping too.

  109. Jane Meyer

    The canoe stabilizer works great. Superb product.

  110. John Bray

    Amazingly easy to assemble and the build quality is fantastic. Works really well in the water.

  111. Steve Jones

    This is such a great canoe stabilizer. You definitely get your money’s worth. Installation was extremely easy and everything I needed was included in the package. I’m sure I’ll be buying the portage wheels next as those seem to be the next logical thing to help conserve energy on my portages. Thanks so much for a quality product!

  112. Mark Malone

    Works great!!! And loved the free quick shipping too.

  113. Deon Wade

    I love this so much. It’s great when I have family around who can’t be trusted not to tip the canoe.

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