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Kayak Stabilizer Complete Package


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You’ve come to the right place! You’re probably looking for a kayak stabilizer or kayak outrigger because you need some extra security to prevent tipping while on the water. There’s no shame in admitting that! Spring Creek Kayak Stabilizers offer it all. These Kayak Outriggers are Made in USA and come with a 5-year warranty. You’ll soon see why Spring Creek is the leader in Canoe and Kayak Stabilizers.? You’ll get all of the quality you want and need and won’t have to compromise on anything.

Brand: Spring Creek Manufacturing



5 Pounds Each


37in x 6in


27 Pounds Each


Durable Polyethylene Plastic



7lbs – 8.5lbs


36in to 45in


Up to 20in in Each Direction


Strong Aluminum


1 Universal Receiver

2 Kayak Stabilizer Floats

2 Telescoping Arms

1 Set of Clamps


The Universal Receiver is made in different lengths to fit all canoes and kayaks. Standard sizes are 30″, 36″, 40″ and 45″. To size your canoe for a UR, first, measure your canoe at it’s widest point. Measuring the widest point gives you the option to place the UR anywhere on your canoe that is comfortable. Most canoe gunwales have inside lips for clamping, meaning your clamps will be on the inside of the canoe. However, some canoe gunwales have outside lips, and in this case your clamps will clamp to the outside of your canoe. If this is your circumstance, please go up one UR size when ordering.


This kayak stabilizer by Spring Creek Manufacturing will provide you the security and stability that you’re looking for. ?The telescoping arms are extendible up to 20″ in each direction and will help get the perfect fit and stability for whoever is using your kayak.? Need some extra stability? No problem! Simply extend the arms and voila – extra stability! Since it’s designed specifically for kayaks, you will be able to bring it along with you and know you have the right product for your next adventure.

Made with polyethylene plastic, the kayak stabilizer floats are lightweight and look great too.? You’ll be making the right choice with Spring Creek Stabilizers, the #1 manufacturer of kayak stabilizers on the market. You’ll understand it as soon as you try the kayak outrigger for the first time in your favorite river, lake and even ocean! ?Now the only thing left to do is choose the right color. ?You’re going to love this kayak outrigger.

Canoe Stabilizer Complete Package
Kayak Adapter
Kayak Adapter
Kayak Stabilizer

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7 reviews for Kayak Stabilizer Complete Package

  1. Tristin Johns

    Wonderful! Great product and great quality. Worth the money for sure.

  2. Ozzie Glazier

    Once you have these, you’ll wonder how (or why) you lived without them. They are great for beginners or anyone who just needs some extra stability. If the water conditions are a little rough, just throw these kayak stabilizers on your kayak and you’ll feel totally stable.

  3. Harlow Rakes

    Love this. Definitely an investment, but this kayak stabilizer is exactly what I was looking for.

  4. Oliver Crouch


  5. Maria Hope

    Add my name to the list. This is a premium kayak outrigger that impresses all my friends!

  6. Clara Meadows

    This was a gift from my husband and the stabilizers are great. They don’t slow me down and keep me stable. Didn’t take long for my husband to install either. Win win!

  7. Christina Priem

    Works great! Not cheap, but it’s made in usa and you can tell. Great quality, and worth the money. It’ll last a very long time.

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